Article about my work in Shutr Photo Magazine december 2017

Bright Light is nominated at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in Nice 2017 for Best Edit Foreign Language Film!

This coming months Bright Light film be screened much in South America. Starting this tuesday at the Intermediaciones Muestra de videoarte y video experimental festival in Medellin, Colombia,after that at the Muestra Audiovisual Cine Sinú festival in Cordoba, Colombia, in November the Miralincoln festival internacional de Cortometrajes in Buenes Aires, Argentina en finally Colombia again at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Villavicencio.

Brigh Light has won the Silver Award during the International Film Competition Festival (IFCOM 2016) in Jakarta, Indonesia. And recieves it's first Laurel!

Bright Light has won the third prize of June edition of the 12Months Film Festival in Romania

Bright Light goes Colombia during the International Hall of Light in Bogota from 23 to 29 May. 

March 11th 2016 Bright Light is shown during the Shorty Week International Film Festival at El Puerto de Santa Maria!

The Jury report from SO 2015 about Terminus:

"They seem like monsters, these car wrecks. It's a nice idea and magnificently executed. There's much to discover in these photo's. It isn't a project that you can do in between things. The individual images are interesting, but as a series it works too. It's a tight series, with the cars headlights at the same height in each image, which makes the cars different "identities" stand out. You would like to hang this images on a wall, but size does matter; you would like to see it in very large format".

I am nominated for SO2015!

Check it out:

July 2015 We have a dummy! 

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